Your opportunity to explore your mind /body connection from a higher inner place - one breath at a time. 

Mindful Movement in the Moment

Yoga makes me feel better and move mindfully in life...

I noticed I tended to  ignore my body to get things done. 

Becoming aware of this has caused me to slow down, pace myself, and accept what is. I don't experience back spasms and injuries as often because of this. 


I am grateful for my body. Are you?

I pay attention to my breathing. 

When I stand and sense my body from hade to feet, I feel grounded and stronger.  

I watch my thoughts and know what's true and what's not. I can stay calm and make better choices. 

I am kinder to myself and therefore treat others with  compassion. 

This is your chance to take deeper breaths, move with awareness and be present in each moment.  

Life is a gift and a constant practice. 

Discover for Your Self

I teach mindful, gentle yoga classes,  breathing  with movement. 

Your body and mind keep your entire life's memories - a mountain of information inside of you. 

 Why not mine your jewels of inner wisdom? 

 If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings, explore them through mindfulness and a short meditation. 

Discern  what positively serves your best life now. 

Practice being in the present.