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Explore your life experience thru gentle yoga and/or yoga therapy. 


Service with a Smile

Equine Therapy and Mindful Movement

I saw empowerment and transformation happened during women's retreats and children's summer camp at the PEACHPIT (https://thepeachpitgeorgia.org/) and Spirit's Quest (http://www.spiritsquest.net/home.html) equine therapy centers.  

The women's veterans retreats created camaraderie,  time  relax body and mind and explore Spirit within.

Children's Yoga

During summer camp, children were empowered to harness their energy and life responses by focusing on weekly themes: Respect, Responsibility, Relationship skills, Boundaries, Empathy, Choices and Consequences.  Two age groups were formed to practice yoga: 3-9 and 10-18. Children explored their  inner strengths through awareness and movement, using " Yoga Calm for Children" principles and tools.

Yoga Calm for Children

Put yoga to the test in your life

Are you curious?  Find out what it feels like to explore your life experience through gentle movement with inner focus. Sign up for your first yoga or yoga therapy intro session free. 

Mindful Movement in the Moment

Awareness and Acceptance

Do you tend to ignore  your body?

What about your feelings?


Imagine being grateful for your body. What does that feel like?

Focus on your breathing. 

Stand up and sense your body from your feet to your head.  

 Watch your thoughts. Are they true for you now?   If not, choose differently. 

Explore with kindness and compassion. 

Take a deeper breath and sense the part of you aware of it all.  

Seek answers from your own inner wisdom.


I teach mindful, gentle yoga classes,  breathing  with movement. 

Your body and mind keep your entire life's memories - a mountain of information inside of you. 

 Why not mine your jewels of inner wisdom? 

 If you are struggling with your thoughts and feelings, explore them through mindfulness and a short meditation. 

Discern  what positively serves your best life now. 

Practice being in the present. 

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