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My yoga path began in 2012 with Unity when our minister decided to teach class on Saturday morning. I began a daily practice in my greenhouse. The minister left and I took up teaching the class. Then it moved to Tuesday/Thursday nights. Becoming certified was requested.  I discovered "A Garden for Wellness" in Clarkesville, GA and loved my weekends learning all about yoga for six months from Elizabeth rajeshwari Seay; with fabulous fellow students.  Certified in June 2014,  I continued to teach. A veteran who works at the VA in Macon asked if I would teach veterans, because the meditation at the calming end of class meditation. It was very relaxing.  I was anxious about causing trauma flashbacks for Vets with PTSD, so I declined. I asked E. Seay about qualifications to meet their needs and she sent me to the International Association of Yoga Therapist (IAYT) website to find a certified course for yoga therapy.   I found Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and became certified in 2018. 

I've partnered with PEACH Pit equine therapy and taught veterans yoga at  weekend retreats.  I've also provided private, confidential PRYT sessions to women veterans.  In 2018, children's summer camp allowed me to practice teaching children in two groups; ages 4-10 and 11-18, three times/week. 

I am becoming certified in Yoga Calm for children, and may begin teaching home schooled children in Macon soon.  More to come on this. 

I enjoy teaching four gentle yoga classes per week in Byron, GA; and private classes in my home with students who prefer one on one. 

 I also offer private, confidential Yoga Therapy sessions. For PRYT, home journaling and self care is very important between monthly sessions.

I'm happily  enrolled in learning  Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM) online, by David A. Treleavan (book by the same name).

My Mission statements – To WHOLE HEARTEDLY SERVE fellow human beings by teaching yoga/mindful movement with compassion and my full attention; keeping our awareness focused in the present moment.  Offering a possible deeper inner exploration through PRYT private sessions. Choice is always present.